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SS Kintuck

The Kintuck was a steamship which sank in 1917 after either having being torpedoed or hitting a mine, its unclear which.

We dived this one evening in late July. The shot was buoyed and we descended the 32m to the sea bed on starboard side, just aft of the boilers.

The vis. was an incredible 15m+ and we could clearly most of the way across the ship, with the propeller shaft clearly visible and still on its mountings. We made our way to it and were joined by a magnificent male cuckoo wrasse.

From here we headed towards the stern and after a while the propeller shaft stopped and the wreckage petered out soon after.

This part of wreck is flattened to just below the prop. shaft but there are plenty of places for the odd conger to hide and there are large shoals of small bib hugging the wreck.

Moving forward we came to a large con. rod with a huge big end to the starboard and the engine block, pistons exposed to port. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera had gone flat by this time and so I couldn't get any photo's of this or the two huge boilers and condenser that lay just beyond!

Our bottom time up we ascended around the boilers with their attendant rock cook and then headed back to the shot.

Apparently the bows are more intact and upright, and the stern lies some distance from the main wreckage, a good reason, not that I need one to return.

For more detail on the Kintuck and a photo of the ship before she sank visit Shonas wrecks

Overall a great dive which I hope to repeat in the not to distant future.

My thanks to Dave at Dive St. Ives for great evening dive.

Depth approx 32m (Low water)
Rating ****
Caution - tidal., experienced divers only





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