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St. Chamond (The Train Wreck)

Home for this Tompot Blennie is a steam loco!

Friday 2nd August - two fantastic dives, one on the Runnel stone, one on Seggy Rock and snorkels with a basking shark and a seal. How do we match that?

"Well its low water slack at a 9am Monday lets try Dive St. Ives".
"Train wreck?"
"Why not."

One Phone call latter and we're booked in.

Early start, 8 am we arrived at St.Ives peer and parked without a problem, off to the dive shop, sign the forms, pay the money and off we go!

David dropped us onto the North side of the wreck, into a large shoal of Bib and 15m visibility!

From there we headed south, over the prop. shaft to the first of the steam engines with its resident butterfish and wrasse. The rest of the dive was spent hopping between boilers and steam engines, constantly surrounded by a myriad of marine life.
One engine was home to a medium sized conger, which looked as though it might have come out to play, but unfortunately didn't. A second was the destination for a wandering lobster. Between the boilers we were treated to a glimpse of a sunfish.

What a dive!

General info
While the vis. can't be guaranteed it is often in excess of 10m

Depth 28m (low water slack)
Caution The wreck is tidal.
Nearest Rib Launch- Hayle


And what about these two great images of the Train wreck?

Images courtesy  of  K.Hunkin, Prints available for purchase via.  


He has some great images there, check it out.




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