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Wicca Pool

It's fair to say that we didn't dive this site at it's best. The forecast had been for South East to Southerly winds but when we arrived they were actually North Easterly with a swell coming in from the west.

The site it's self is shallow, rocky and kelp covered, with plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. Visibility on the day was 2-3m, disappointing but not surprising considering the weather conditions. Our maximum depth was about 17m and the surge, even at this depth was considerable. Marine life was limited but it was only March, we did manage to see a dogfish, a good size lobster (yes, he's still there!), sponges and some colourful ballen wrasse. The site is only about half a mile West of the Carracks, also known as seal island, so we were not surprised to see a seal when we surfaced.

I am told that this is a very pleasant spot in the summer, sheltered from the strong off shore tides and supporting a wide variety of marine life, with sunfish and basking sharks being frequent visitors. Knowing other sites in the area I can well believe it and I look forward to diving it later in the year when I'll post an update.

For more details contact David Stamp at Dive St Ives.


Depth ~ 17m




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